What's Deployed?

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What Is What's Deployed? Primer on what's in front of you

It's a web service for visualizing the difference between code committed to master in your GitHub project compared to which code has been deployed in your dev, stage and/or production environment(s).

The Basics

For this to work you need to have your code in a public GitHub repository and the git SHA that is deployed on your server(s) need to be publicly available.

The git SHA needs to be the content of the URL or it can be JSON that contains a top-level key called commit. For example:

$ curl https://dev.example.com/deployed-version.txt

Or, if it's JSON:

$ curl https://dev.example.com/deployed-version
{"commit": "d16cc25d58252a2b7e6bb394cbefa76b147d64d3", "other": "stuff"}

Once you've typed in the GitHub organization, GitHub repository and at least one of these URLs you can generated a table that shows what's been deployed on the server(s) compared to what's available in the master branch.


Can I Have It?

This instance is public and free for anybody to use. The source code is open and available under the MPL 2.0 license.
It's just a Flask app and you can install and run your own instance if you want to use this for your private repositories.